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Our Brand CrownFlex

CrownFlex - The world's class flexographics printing plate expert to provide comphensive flexographic printing solutions

Professional, Innovative Technolgy in CrownFlex

  • CrownFlex - The world's class flexographic expert to provide liquid photopolymer resin and related machines and materials.
  • Good quality, competitive price and eco-friendly features of our products are widely application in flexographic printing plate industry.
  • Well trained staffs and technicans to provide professional pre-sales and after-sales services
  • Professional flexographics printing plate - experts with professional knowledge and experience.
  • Our products is recognized and trusted by our customers.  Our market is not just in China but also extend our sales and   promotion to some Asian countires.
  • Continously devotes resources and efforts on innovation technology
  • Focus on environment protection and eco-friendly


CrownFlex  - The world-class liquid photopolymer solution is recognized and trusted by our customers. Our market is not just in China but extend to some Asian countries

Competitive advantage of our brand - CrownFlex

Professional flexographics printing solutions - both in materials and equipments

Crownflex - Our high quality liquid photopolymer resin with the following characteristics :

  • high resilience and tack-free surface, excellent in wide range of image (both solid and fine screen dots) reproduction and lint-free printing. 
  • liquid photopolymer come in soft red & orange transparent color appearance, it simplified precise mounting works.
  • non-tacky surface makes easier cleaning process, improved in work efficiency and increase productivity.
  • liquid photopolymer are excellent flexibility and resilience which offer excellent compatibility with waterborne ink
  • Superior durability with good abrasion resistance for high speed printings
  • Tack-free and clean surface Broad imaging latitude
  • Non solvent nor VOC evaporated, eco-friendly, not harmful to human
  • Ability to use soap and water washout
  • Good storage and stability, can store in high temapure and UV environment because of good package
  • High compatibility, you can create a variety of graphic.
  • Double exposure, you can produce sophisticated with fine-dot and half-tone graphic.
  • CrownFlex automatic liquid photopoymer plate-making equipments are efficient, user-friendly with good quality. It's only need to take around one hour and 15 minutes, good quality with details fine line, small dot and high half-tone flexographics photopolymer printing plate can be made.
  • CrownFlex liquid photopolymer printing plate-making systems and equipments with eco-friendly features. In the processing of plate-making, the excess resin can be recycled and preserved. It has a good advantage for cost-efficient and cost-saving.
  • In the process of making photopolymer printing plate, the user need to wash out with water and add some soap / cleaning agent only. It is eco-friendly and no harm for human in the plate-making process.
  • Products and services pairing for customers :
  1. different types/grades of liquid photopolymers and equipments for selection by our customers according to their requirements.  
  2. for our liquid photopolymer, we have different models : CF18 for lower grade, CF88 for medium grade, CF68 and CF36R for higher grade.
  3. in order to fullfill different products quality requirments, we produce different grade of liquid photopolymer for our customers to choose.
  4. the latest model - CF36R resin quality can reach the world's class quality level


Professional Services :

  • Our company can provide professional and effective liquid photopolymer printing plate-making consultancy services for any persons whom are interested in our products and prefer to open or operate a liquid photopolymer flexo plate-making workshop or factory or whom prefer to improve or extend her existing workshop.
    All of our staffs are well-trained and have advanced experience in this field, our technical managers have more than 20 years whom can provide good quality technical supports and advice to you.
  • Our company can provide professional pre-sales technical supports e.g. materials quality testing/ sample testing and equipments demoration and presentation services to our customers.
    We also can provide efficient, comprehensive and reliable after-sales service to our customers e.g. on-site equipments inspection and maintenance services, plate-making processing tutorials/ lesson to our customers
    ( Customized customers services can also be provided for cases by cases ) in order to make sure our customers can make good quality flexo printing plate after using our materials and equipments. 
  • Our company can provide professional and reliable customized technical training course and plate-making plant operation management training course for our customers.

Future Prospect :

"Reuse" , " Reduce" "Recycling" and "green-eco-friendly" are our company vision and key direction of development in the future.

"Reuse" , " Reduce" "Recycling" and "green-eco-friendly" are our company's visions and key directions for development in the future.

Our company is committed and focus to develop and promote green and eco-friendy printing products - printing materials and machines. We provide comphensive pre-sales and after-sales services to our customers from materials testing, equipments installation, inspection, technical supports and maintenance in order to provide a world class liquid photopolymer printing solutions to our customers.

Our company insist to devote ourself on liquid photopolymer printing industry. We expect to pay our efforts on flexographic pritning industry and change the whole market to be developed from low-end to high-end in China.

To analysis the whole process of liquid photopolymer flexographics plate-making system, our company conclude that liquid photopolymer plate-making system is the most green and eco-friendly solution for printing plate industry. Therefore, we devote and pay more efforts on this industry and we think this is a meaningful and long-term mission.

Our company's goals is to fulfill social responsibility with employees, customers, suppliers and business partners so as to bring positive changes to the society. Except to focus on profit in our business, we also consider to have positive impact on the society, the country, the economy, the environment, and the health of workers.