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Our product

Our brand - Crownflex, liquid photopolymer resin and machines , regardless of quality, price and environmental protection have reached to high quality level in the world.

Recently, our new product - CF36R resin series, the quality has reached to the world class level which have been used for production in a number of large-scale printing plate factories in China and some Asian countries.

Excluding the resin, our company have just developed a new - automatic liquid phootpolymer plate-maing system with resin pouring unit - CF3050A / CF4260 A series. This automatic liquid photopolymer plate-making system has a good competitive advantage on market price and quality to compare with similar products in the market in the world. The main exposure system can be fully automated which is more efficient, convenient, time-saving and more environmentally friendly during the plate-making processes.

Our products not just only promote and develop in China but also extend to southeast asian countries, e.g. Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines etc. There are wide range of applications in flexographics printing plate industry.